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Where to Find Free Blogger Templates

Blogs play an important role in bolstering the web presence of your business. additionally, to serving as an outlet for your company's latest happenings and promotions, your blog constantly feeds search engines new keywords, which successively optimizes your Web traffic. With Google's free Blogger service, you'll create personal and business blogs without knowledge of coding or Web design through the utilization of templates. After you check in for Blogger, you will not have a tough time finding these templates.

Straight From the Source

Blogger itself offers a variety of free blog templates, which it presents seconds after you initially log in. After you check in to Blogger together with your business's Google account, click the “New Blog” button to launch a replacement window. during this window, you'll type during a blog title and Web address. Here, Blogger offers seven basic template styles like “Simple,” “Ethereal” and “Picture Window.” After you create your blog, choose the “Template” option from the menu to settle on various specific templates in these style categories. As of 2013, Blogger offers quite 30 ready-made blog templates to settle on from.

Template Tweaks

If you employ one among Blogger's free templates and you would like to tweak the planning but you do not skill to program, use the site's Blogger Template Designer. With this tool, you'll customize the design of a template with an easy, point-and-click interface. To launch the Template Designer, hover over a template and click on “Customize.” Use Template Designer to settle on a custom background color or image, apply color themes, modify your blog layout and adjust the width of its columns.

Online Options

If Blogger's built-in templates don't strike your fancy, many industrious Web designers and programmers offer free templates for your Blogger site. Websites like BTemplates and Deluxe Templates, among others, host thousands of user-made templates for download at no cost. These sites offer searchable databases and organize templates by style, number of columns, color, and other features. Each site also hosts directions for installing the templates. If you employ one among these free templates, check the usage rights determined by the template's creator to form sure it's safe to use for business purposes.

Professional Route

In addition to supporting templates, Blogger also supports editing via CSS and HTML programming languages. Unlike templates, custom coding your blog gives you an entirely unique and typically more complex design. Of course, hiring a knowledgeable designer to code your blog for you comes at a price -- counting on the online design company, 2013 prices range from about $450 to $4,000 for the initial setup, and designers charge additional fees for ongoing maintenance. In some cases, these designers can create a custom template for you, which allows you to edit the template at will after the initial setup.



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